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HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide - Version 2

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Description Reviews

HP Networking designed this CLI Reference Guide to help HP partners and customers who:

·         Manage multi-vendor networks that include HP and Cisco switches
·         Have experience deploying Cisco switches and are now deploying HP switches

This CLI Reference Guide compares many of the common commands in three switch operating systems: HP ProVision, HP Comware version 5, and Cisco IOS operating systems.

Publishing Details

DateJan 15, 2013


Recent Reviews

Excellent reference

Alonso Roman

Having worked only with Cisco's IOS for more than 10 years, this CLI reference helped me to learn about HP's ProVision and Comware very easy and quickly by comparing to something that I was already familiar with. Also, version 2 has adds from version 1
Best Ever

Robert Bannister

This is my most favorite reference guide. It provides quick search references to known Cisco commands that help with the transition from Cisco to HP Networking.
Concise and practical

Dave Pinsker

Concise and practical descriptions and examples comparing HP ProVision, 3Com Comware and Cisco IOS.

Might have been a nice addtion to mention the fact that HP Networking also applies to Procurve-branded equipment. With all HP's acquisitions, it is not out of the quesiton that HP Networking could apply to another device and OS.The eBook seems to assume that the reader has no legacy equipment, and is starting fresh.