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HP ASE Network Infrastructure (HP0-Y43)

Official Certification Study Guide

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This book serves as both an exam preparation guide for the Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions (HP0-Y43) Certification Exam, and as a valuable reference for designing secure and resilient end-to-end unified networking solutions. Not only does the book cover a wide range of routing and switching technologies such as: Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)routing, multicast routing, HP’s Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), Quality of Service (QoS), IPv6 and OSPFv3, and more, but it also provides guidelines for implementing these technologies effectively on HP switches and routers. Organized along the lines of the HP0-Y43 exam objectives, chapters can be studied independently or comprehensively when preparing for the HP ASE certification HP0-Y43 exam. Once you have passed the exam, this guide will continue to serve as a valuable tool when studying for further certification exams (such as the HP Master ASE), or when designing, implementing, and troubleshooting network solutions for large and complex, multivendor campus LAN environments. When preparing for the HP ASE – Network Infrastructure [2011] certification, this book is the ideal companion to the HP ASE Network Official Certification HP0-Y32 Exam Guide that covers what you need to know for the HP ASE certification HP0-Y32 exam.

About the Author

Richard Deal is an HP instructor who holds the following certifications: HP AIS Network Infrastructure 2011, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), and Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI). Richard has worked as a network engineer, consultant, systems engineer, HP networking instructor, Cisco instructor (CCSI), and course developer. Richard is a 20-year veteran of the network industry. He was the lead lab guide developer for the Migrating to HP Networking A-Series Products course. He has also published several books, including Cisco PIX Firewalls, Cisco ASA Configuration, The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide, Cisco Router Security, and CCNA Security Study Guides.

Additional Information

Also available for the Kindle.  Click here.

Publishing Details

Author Richard Deal

DateMar 07, 2012


Exam #HP0-Y43

ISBN ISBN: 1937826082
ISBN13: 9781937826086

Recent Reviews

Typos, cannot understand Tables, incorrect references, same content repeated

Alonso Roman

I read this book to prepare for the HP0-Y43 exam and even considering the latest errata, this is my feedback:
1. I found some typos that were not included in the latest errata
2. Some Figures do not match what they are supposed to explain. Probably the references are incorrect
3. Some of the Tables cannot be understood well, because they do not have the internal horizontal and vertical lines, dividing the different rows. Without these internal horizontal and vertical lines, it is very hard to distinguish where each column ends and the next one begins; or which lines in one column, corresponds to which lines in another column. These tables are a big problem at least on this ebook
4. On some of the chapters, some of the text explaining a topic, is repeated more than once in the same chapter. I think that the best approach for each topic should be:
a. Explain the theory of the topic (for example: OSPF in a Single Area)
b. Explain the commands on how to configure it, and verify functionality, on ProVision software (example: vlan xxx ip ospf area x, and show ip ospf interface)
c. Explain the commands on how to configure it, and verify functionality, on Comware software (example: ospf x, area x, network x.x.x.x x.x.x.x, and display ospf interface)

Points b. and c. could be explained in a single table similar to this one:

Task Commands on ProVision Commands on Comware
Configure OSPF in a single area ProVision(config)# ip router-id <router-id> [Comware] ospf <process-ID>[router-id <router-id>]
ProVision(config)# router ospf [Comware-ospf-<id>] area <area-ID>
ProVision(ospf)# area <area-ID> [Comware-ospf-<id>-area-<id>] network <network address> <wildcard mask>
ProVision(config)# vlan <VLAN-ID>
ProVision(vlan-<vlan-id>)# ip ospf area <area-ID>
Verify an interface is enabled for OSPF ProVision# show ip ospf interface [Comware] display ospf interface

For some topics, the impression that I have is that there was a book on the topics for the Y43 exam from HP ProCurve, and another book from H3C, and what they did on this ebook, is just “paste” the content from both books as they were, without paying attention that the content of the ebook could be optimized without repeating the parts that were common on both books (especially the explanation of the theory)

For points 1., 2. and 3., I used the “Add note to text” function from Adobe Digital Editions on the working copy of the ebook that I read to indicated them. If you would like to have the annotations file from my ebook, I would be more than happy to provide it to you. I could also provide screen shots of the Tables if you want

As a Network Engineer, I have too little time to study for certification exams. Therefore, I think the Certification Guide books should be as much as concise as possible (not repeating the same text)

For my personal study, I prepared my own “Summary” of this book, trying to follow the same approach I mentioned above, and it is only 101 pages long (including some Tips from the real exam that I wrote on my own). Something similar was what I was looking for in this Certification Guide for the Y43 exam, but unfortunately it did not met my expectations

If as HP, we want to improve the market share on the Networking field against competitors (mostly against Cisco), I think we first need to improve the books to prepare for the certification exams. In this, I think that for example Cisco is already ahead of us, because Cisco Press has very good Certification Guide books, for the different Cisco certification exams

All of this feedback is just my personal opinion, with some personal suggestions, and it is intended to improve the quality of the books from HP Press. Please don’t take it personal against you, or against the author or reviewers of the Y43 Certification Guide

If you have any questions please let me know

Thanks in advance


Alonso Roman
Network VoIP Engineer
Best Shore ITO Central America
HP Enterprise Services
T +506 2509 4496
Hewlett-Packard Company
Ultra Park 2
Lagunilla, Heredia
Costa Rica
Needs proff readning

Allan Hoejberg

I like the book very much, but I do feel that it needs proff readings, I find that there is to many errors..
feedback on Y43

Wim Groeneveld

The Y43 HP Press Book is not only a book which can be used for exam preparation, but it contains also a lot of valuable information for technical networking problems/questions I have in my day to day job.
I use it frequently for research if I have customer questions or I need to go onsite for a customer presentation I often use this or any other HP Networking Press Book to get the technical depth I am looking for.