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Cloud Computing

Beyond the Hype

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Description Reviews

Everybody’s talking about cloud computing, but are they really saying anything you need to hear? Can the cloud actually help your business become more agile, innovative, and profitable? Is the promise of cloud more hype than substantive?

Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype answers these questions and many more with a no-nonsense, business-savvy tour of the cloud computing landscape. Topics discussed include the pros and cons of cloud computing, making the economic case, developing a cloud strategy, combining private and public cloud resources, and managing and securing your cloud. Full of practical examples and insights from industry experts, Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype provides a solid launching point to seize new opportunities for both you and your organization.

About the Author

Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company. He is the author of more than 75 technology books that have sold more than 3 million copies combined worldwide.

Publishing Details

Author Paul McFedries

DateSep 18, 2012


ISBN ISBN: 1937826376
ISBN13: 9781937826376

Recent Reviews

Awesome perspective on a cloudy topic!

Brendon De Meyer

I was gifted this manual from one of my clients. I sat down and read it cover to cover within a day and just loved every single aspect of the manual. From the easy flow, to the tongue in cheek commentary. I also loved the fact that it was vendor neutral even being an HP publication.

I am so used to having to reveiw these technical manuals so this was refreshing, so see a manual aimed at enabling a business choice. This manual should be read by CIO's, CEO's and CFO's so that they make sure they understand what they are investing their money in.

For IT Pro's wanting to push for cloud migration, this is a must read. It will equip you with all the arguments to convince the bean counters do bankroll your latest and greatest IT Playground!

If you are a consultant, I would suggest reading this, and then also giving it to every client who pays you for the time spent in their offices. This will not only ensure that you get the business you need but also help them streamline the business they give you!

HP and Mr. McFedries have put together a publication that I really enjoyed reading and it helped me demystify and explain to my clients in plain simple english what the cloud is and how its going to make their business better!

Well done!
Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype

Peter Van Giel

Good starting point to get an insight into the cloud computing topic, as well as useful references to explore further. I've included it in my recommended reading list I provide to others that want to learn more about cloud computing.
Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype

Rene Simonis

Paul has made this book into a easy reading and good to understand book. It gives a general overview on Cloud Computing. The book is also nice to have as a reference before going to the customer.