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BYOD and Beyond

Implementing a unified access solution

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Focusing on the business challenges and opportunities presented by BYOD, rich media, and UC&C, this book introduces the HP Unified Wired and Wireless Access solution of open, standards-based solutions. Discover how this solution helps businesses of all sizes improve the user experience, strengthen security, and simplify management, while reducing capital investments and operating expenses.

This book is designed for IT department network directors or specialists who are seeking solutions to their organization’s unique networking issues in responding to the challenges of technological trends, including BYOD, cloud computing, virtualization, mobility, and rich media collaboration for a truly unified access solution.

Publishing Details

Author John Faulkner

DateFeb 19, 2013


Recent Reviews


Luciano Freire

Desejo adquirir informações sobre a publicação de BYOD , este tema é importante para implementação deste novo cenário na TI
Brilliant strategic level HowTo Integrate into Business

Carsten Cimander

Starting with laying open the challange to the IT to follow the need to consumerize the IT within the enterprise, John Faulkner makes very clear, that it is not only a hype to satisfy the employees' requests to use their own (mobile) devices but that is essential to integrate this "offer" as an entire strategy to be attractive for the own personnel and to allow more agility and flexibility for work environments and work times.

On the other hand it is worked out, which means have to be taken in IT strategy, technology and operation to implement such a very fast moving target. John Faulkner gives an overview of the processes and products which can be used to make BYOD not only a vision but a foundation for a modern design of a completely personalized workplace.

I found this book useful to dive into this exciting complex and to get to know feasable strategies and technologies to bring BYOD into business live.
BYOD and Beyond

Beat Godglück

Interesting content with a lot of references (URLs) and nice explanations. The drawings/figures have too low resolution to read and interpret correctly.